Weekend Meditation – Loving Kindness

“As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all beings. ”
- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Let’s take in these wisdom words from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and, together, weave some sweet metta into the fabric of our lives. Imagine the possibilities. Kindness matters.
Try it today…throughout the weekend…and beyond.


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music - mantras - meditations

music – mantras – meditations

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Relationship Reboot

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”
― C.G. Jung

Hello Spiritual Warriors! And welcome to another week of growth & transformation. This week, our Life Tool is exploring your life through one of the five realms – specifically, the realm of RELATIONSHIPS.

Dive deep with me into the 5 Realms this November!

Dive deep with me into the 5 Realms this November!

The deepest relationship we have is with ourselves. How do you treat yourself? Is it with compassion, acceptance, & forgiveness? Is it with love & understanding? We know that you are your harshest critic – but are you also your greatest champion?

This week, let’s give ourselves permission to nourish the YOU inside yourself. We can start by looking at one other relationship in your life – a relationship that takes up space in your mind, consumes your thoughts, or relentlessly occupies your time. We let people into our heads that we would never invite into our homes – so let’s transform that relationship right now, and take a powerful first step to loving yourself a bit more.

There are four things you can do with a relationship. You can:

Birth it – start anew…fresh…unfettered… unconditioned… as we were born – whole, perfect, pure, and unconditioned, and then let it unfold.

Repair it – ask first, “Do I want to keep this relationship alive?” If yes…then let go of the past, and commit to soothing the wounds, let go of grievances, forgive, forgive, forgive – forgive yourself, forgive the other, make peace.

Shift it – the old way didn’t work, there are boundaries that have been violated – new boundaries, new understandings…new rules of engagement must be established, articulated, and agreed upon — and committed to by both parties — if that can not be agreed upon…



End it – cut the cord, say goodbye, every day release one more piece of the relationship… TRULY let it go…when you think you have let it go, let more go…journal, share, charge a rock with your emotional pain and throw it into the ocean…write down your grievances and burn them in a ceremonial fire. Release…release…release.

So let’s make this week one of clarity, grace, and ease, as we take a step toward transformation… one relationship at a time and watch the new you unfold.

Email me with the step you’ve taken. Sharing your choice with someone else can be a powerful support system to your process.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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Weekend Meditation – Reboot Your Abundance


“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.”
- Unknown

Hello Warriors!
Let’s flow with gratitude & abundance this weekend…dance in the possibilities.
“Bean by bean, the bag get’s filled.”

Warrior reminder: Only 3 spaces remain for my upcoming Spiritual Reboot Camp – here in the SweetSpot of the Universe. If you’re interested in attending, now is the time to reserve your space. See you there!

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ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT! Click & reserve your spot today!

Click & reserve your spot today!

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Reboot Abundance

“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”
- Arianna Huffington

Hello spiritual warriors!! It’s time for abundance! Let’s get ready to bring more abundance into our lives.

Let’s start by witnessing our breathing. Feel your breath flow into your nostrils and move into your throat and then into your belly as your lungs fill with air.

Hold this breath in for a few moments and then let go…as if you were letting go of a balloon filled with helium.

EXPAND & TRANSFORM November 22-29, 2014

November 22-29, 2014

Now as you slowly inhale again, think of all the things in your life that limit you (you may think it’s a person but rather than making it a person’s name, think of it as your current relationship with that person or something one of you is holding onto).

And it’s important to remember that the things in your life that limit you are all self-imposed, all self-created, all self-directed.

We get the choice to bring our attention to different things in our world – people, jobs, conversations, money, relatives, relationships — these are all forms of energy. We move our energy, our attention, our awareness to these things and they blossom and bloom – they get larger, consuming, and omnipresent until they weave themselves into every fiber of your being.

Not opening yourself to more possibilities in every moment…is a sign of constriction, of fear, of lack, of not enough. Not seeing all that life has to offer in each moment narrows our view until we can only see what we already know – we need to move beyond our blind spots into expanded awareness.

REBOOT your mind, body, & spirit this October!

REBOOT your mind, body, & spirit this October!

If we look to our most genuine Self – the self that rests beneath all of this, we know that we are pure and perfect and whole and full – yes…we are abundant. So where does the confusion come in? Why do we sometimes feel a lack inside when we are actually so full at our core? Why would we feel we are less than, when we have so much to be grateful for?

Right now think of just three things you are grateful for:

It can be as innocent as a relationship, a smile, a health-related issue, something that occurred that you requested, something that happened and took you by surprise, a conversation, a hug, the result of your hard work, or the result of you surrendering…

Keep those three things you are grateful for in your awareness right now. Allow them to block out any other thought.

Now take a deep breath in – and breathe in gratitude; exhale constriction,

Breathe in power; exhale fear,

Breathe in where you are in this moment; exhale where you were,

Breathe in love; exhale loneliness,

Breathe in stillness; breathe out conditioning,

Breathe in silence; exhale chatter,

Breathe in certainty; breathe out doubt,

Breathe in comfort; breathe out pain,

Breathe in abundance; exhale poverty consciousness

Breathe in abundance; and release constriction,

Breathe in abundance; and let go of attachment,

Now just breathe…and witness your breath.

Throughout the day, when you are feeling less than or not in celebration mode…STOP, breathe deep and feel the abundance that flows through you; feel the expansion that grows beyond your constrictions; recognize you are abundant in every moment.

Connect with me LIVE! From the SweetSpot on hayhouseradio.com every Thursday at 11a PST/2pEST!

Aham brahmasmi baby. Now, what are those three things you are grateful for? They must have gotten lost in all your abundance!!

Let’s keep that going. Let’s keep it flowing. I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

Meditation Combo Pack!

Meditation Combo Pack!

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Weekend Meditation – Letting Love In


“You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.”
– Diane Von Furstenberg

JTI cover FINAL web optimized

Happy weekend LOVE warriors!

Imagine the possibilities…if everyone came from a place of heart-centered-love-awareness? Now think of the power in THAT ripple!

Let’s say YES to loving ourselves more and sharing that love with the world…today…everyday.

Peace & love. -davidji
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RE-BOOT with me this October!!!

RE-BOOT with me this October!!!

Meditate, expand, & explore with me in Tulum this November!

Meditate, expand, & explore with me in Tulum this November!


My 5-Part Guided Video Meditation Series from grokker.com

My 5-Part Guided Video Meditation Series from grokker.com

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Re-Booting Your Love-Life

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello spiritual warriors – welcome to a week of love! I know it sounds so woo-woo…all this peace & love stuff BUT isn’t that where it all begins? We can deny it and toughen it up but from the moment we exited the womb (and most likely before), we have been seeking a kind hand to hold us, feed us, protect us, nourish us, and comfort us.

RE-Boot your practice with me this October! LEARN MORE!

RE-Boot your practice with me this October!

Yet with all this other stuff in our lives, it’s easy to push our present needs for this same love into the background. Fear is the absence of love…and we buy into that emotion much more often than the sweet surrender of love.

Most likely this is linked to our original DNA programming to fight or run when we sense a threat. When we live from that mode of existence, there is no room for love. In fact, when we come from a place of fear, we ask these types of questions, “Am I loveable?” “Do I need to change something about my self so people will love me?” “Does that person love me the way I love them?” We could go on forever in this circular devolution of self worth but when we look to our most genuine self that is whole and pure and perfect and abundant and infinite…we realize there is only love and it is ever expanding and ever available because WE ARE LOVE!

So here are 5 easy steps to bring more love into your life:

1) Spend some time in stillness & silence every day – meditate, get quiet, shift your heart and mind out of conversation and into surrender.
2) Wake up, acknowledge the magnificent love of the universe and remind yourself you are part of it by affirming out loud I am safe. I am loved. I am love.
3) When you feel “less than”, give someone love, send someone love, text a kind word, email a loving sentiment – flowing love to others can get you out of that stinking thinking and into appreciation mode very quickly.
4) Remember the power of your ripple – the love you flow RIGHT NOW will continue to reverberate forever, so start the flow.
5) When you are sad or feeling unloved, open your chest wide, extend your heart, and let the universe swoop in and cradle you in its loving arms

You are so worthy of being loved – so read this poem by Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky:

Saints Bowing In the Mountains

Do you know how beautiful you are?
I think not, my dear.

For as you talk of God, 
I see great parades with wildly colorful bands
Streaming from your mind and heart,
Carrying wonderful and secret messages
To every corner of this world.

I see saints bowing in the mountains
Hundreds of miles away
To the wonder of sounds
That break into light
From your most common words.

Speak to me of your mother,
Your cousins and your friends.
Tell me of squirrels and birds you know. 
Awaken your legion of nightingales—
Let them soar wild and free in the sky.

And begin to sing to God. 
Let’s all begin to sing to God!

Do you know how beautiful you are?
I think not, my dear…

Yet Hafiz
Could set you upon a Stage
And worship you forever!

Heal Yourself!

Heal Yourself!

And share this with everyone you know…email it, forward it, tweet it, post it on Facebook, shout it from the mountains!!! Remember the power of your ripple.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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Weekend Meditation – Mantra

“All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit
is to stop seeking something more or better or different,
and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.”

Happy Weekend Warriors!

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RE-BOOT with me this October!!!

RE-BOOT with me this October!!!

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RE-Booting Your Meditation Practice

“Everything happens kind of the way it’s supposed to happen, and we just watch it unfold. And you can’t control it. Looking back, you can’t say, ‘I should’ve… ‘ You didn’t, and had you, the outcome would have been different.
- Rick Rubin

Hello Spiritual Warriors!!

This week, we explore the Restful Awareness Response: A Meditator’s Third Gear.

When we meditate, our body’s chemistry changes. In fact, we experience the opposite of the physiological effects produced by the fight-or-flight and ego responses. We are less inclined to perspire, our breathing and heart rate slow, our body’s production of stress hormones decreases, our sex hormone production increase, our growth hormone levels are elevated, our immune system strengthens, and our blood flows more easily throughout our entire body. As these physiological shifts to our physical body occur, our mind calms, anxiety lessens, stress seems to shed, and there is an emotional shift in how we respond to unmet needs. This state of restful awareness can last for a moment or through the entire meditation. But the beauty of this process is that the state of restful awareness continues to benefit our bodies even after our meditation session. And as we meditate on a regular basis, we slowly and gently shift our automatic response mechanism to a more unconditioned one.

RE-Boot your practice with me seaside this October! Click to LEARN MORE!

RE-Boot your practice with me seaside this October!
Click to LEARN MORE!

In the state of restful awareness, we move through situations with greater grace and ease. We are more reflective and less reflexive. We’re less likely to lash out or have knee-jerk reactions, because we are not coming from a conditioned space. We’re less impulsive and more intuitive. We’re making more conscious choices, because we intuitively know what is the highest choice in that moment—the one that honors our Self and the person we are interacting with; the one that elevates both of us to the highest plane of existence; the one that comes from a heart filled with compassion, forgiveness, and a desire for peace.

In the state of restful awareness, we are more open to multiple interpretations of a situation or scenario. We become less attached to our previous interpretations, and our need to defend them feels less urgent. We see the bigger picture…a more expanded landscape…rather than the more narrow view we once had. Over the first few weeks of daily meditation, this grace, ease, and expanded awareness weave themselves intermittently through our interactions. As we continue to meditate and spend time in stillness and silence, each day becomes more comfortable, restful awareness becomes more and more our natural state, and greater clarity begins to unfold. It becomes less important to defend our point of view, because we see greater possibilities, and creative solutions emerge to once-daunting challenges.

We become more alert, more creative, more intuitive, and more relaxed. We start having anxiety-free days, and stress becomes more manageable. And our first response to unmet needs is no longer the ego response…it’s as if we have reached another level in our emotional evolution.

My latest meditation experience... Listen Now!

My latest meditation experience…
Listen Now!

Our more common response starts to be one of truly resting while we are aware—of silent witnessing before we act out old, conditioned response patterns yet again. This “new” state could also be called restful alertness, because our senses are heightened, and we begin to experience a new lightness of being. Little things don’t irritate us or knock us off course as easily. We become more fluid in our thoughts and actions—more intuitive and creative in our choices…then more visionary in our goals…and then we start seeing miracles unfold in our daily life. Explore my free blog – there are literally hundreds of videos, tools, and tips on meditation. And join me this week on HayHouseRadio and we’ll take it deeper!!!!

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!! Peace. -davidji

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Healing Weekend Meditation

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” – Yoko Ono

Happy Healing Warriors!
See you in the Gap.

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Heal yourself & RE-Boot with me seaside this October! REGISTER NOW!

Heal yourself & RE-Boot with me seaside this October!

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Awakening Your Inner Healer

via Tumblr on We Heart It

via Tumblr on We Heart It

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less and feel more.” – Osho

Hello spiritual warriors!

Ready to awaken healing in your life? It’s actually a re-awakening since there was a time when you were whole, pure, perfect, healed, and one with the universe. Somewhere along the way, you shifted your mindset and began seeing yourself as separate from the one-ness of everything.

JOIN ME for a RE-BOOT!!! October 9 - 12, 2014 LEARN MORE!

JOIN ME for a RE-BOOT!!!
October 9 – 12, 2014

It was in that moment that you began to listen to outside voices instead of the divine voice of source whispering within. It was just about then when you started to see yourself as an unconnected, singular individual – and right about then, your belief that you were alone and had to fend for yourself began to manifest.

So how do we get back to that pure moment? How do we time travel back to that mind-set when we saw ourselves as an inseparable piece of the whole – like a drop of water in the ocean containing the entire ocean in its essence?

We get back to that healing space through a few simple steps:
• Surrender
• Stillness & silence
• Affirming
• Trust

We start the process with an open mind and an open heart. This requires that we don’t resist ANYTHING. We surrender to the reality that this moment is perfect, pure, and exactly as it is supposed to be. Every moment leading up to this moment is exactly as it should be and that makes this moment no exception. From a fully surrendered space we will receive rather than resist what the universe is offering us.

Next we connect with the stillness & silence that rests within. We can start that by simply practicing the 16-second technique. Witness your breath as you breathe in to the count of 4; then hold that breath in as you observe it in your belly; then gently release the breath and watch it as it moves up your chest into your throat and out through your nostrils; then hold the breath out…watching it as it dissipates into the ether. Do that 4 times and it’s a minute; do it 20 times and that’s five minutes.

Connect with me LIVE! Thursdays 11a PST/2p EST hayhouseradio.com LISTEN NOW!

Connect with me LIVE!
Thursdays 11a PST/2p EST

Once you have achieved this state of restful awareness, with your eyes closed begin to repeat an affirmation. This is a statement of wholeness in this present moment such as “I am safe.” “I am whole.” “I am healed.” “I am love.” “I am one.” Or “I am the universe.” Select one that speaks to you deeply. Whichever you select, say it out loud 3 times; then whisper it 3 times; and then repeat it silently to yourself over and over.

When you have finished your affirmation session (anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes), take a deep breath in, feel the wholeness of the universe fill you and as you let go of that breath, announce to yourself and the world, “I Trust!”
Practice this every day for a week and you will start to feel your wholeness returning. Keep it going and your life will continue to blossom & bloom.

Send me an email and let me know how your awakening of your inner healer is progressing. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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