Meditation Resources for Readers of
Secrets of Meditation

So you’ve read the book and together we’ve gone pretty deep into the meaning and practice of so many different aspects of meditation. Tens of thousands of you have reached out to me for next steps and gratitude and I am deeply grateful for your interest in taking your practice to the next level.

As a token of my appreciation, please enjoy the following resources to help you deepen your practice.


Healing Meditation from Journey to Infinity with SacredFire!


You can purchase Shanti on davidji’s Journey to Infinity HERE.

Meditation Timers

1. Moving Beyond Fear Meditation Timer Download mp3 file

2. Heart Sutra Meditation Timer Download mp3 file

Om Loop

Sri Yantra

Welcome to the sri yantra meditation. First timers should play the Sri Yantra explanation first and then proceed to the Visual Sri Yantra Meditation.

davidji explains the Sri Yantra

Visual Sri Yantra Meditation guided by davidji

You’ve read about the sri yantra and meditation in the chapter on secrets of visual meditation. Now it’s time to try it.

  • Click the play button on the meditation and turn up the volume
  • Then click on the image of the yantra to bring it to full screen and look at the black dot in the middle of the yantra – the bindu
  • Your journey will now begin

*Full screen mode requires an HTML5 compatible web browser (Google Chrome version 15+, Firefox 10+ and Safari 5.1+). Internet Explorer users click here and then press the F11 key to enter full size mode. Press your escape key to shrink the yantra.

Meditate with Your Pet

There is a lot of discussion about whether you should meditate with your pet. Watch what davidji and peaches – the Buddha princess have to say about it.

davidji audio blog on trust

Welcome to the Mastermind 10-day Rejuvenation challenge.

Are you a MasterMind Meditator? Take this ten day journey of rejuvenation with davidji and email him throughout the voyage to share your experiences

Scientific Research

Modern technology and brain imaging software breakthroughs are allowing science to explore the benefits of meditation at a deeper level. Check out the most cutting edge discoveries below:

Meditation changes the physical structure of the brain:

The work of Dr. RichardJ. Davidson:

Meditation shows the rate of cellular aging:

Hip Hop Groove on the Power of Meditation by Verbal Linguist

Check out this new music track by Verbal Linguist sampling davidji talking about the power of meditation.


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