Don’t Make Assumptions – Weekend Meditation


Here’s an excerpt from The Four Agreements – Don’t Make Assumptions.

“Taking action over and over again strengthens your will, nurtures the seed, and establishes a solid foundation for the new habit to grow. After many repetitions these new agreements will become second nature, and you will see how the magic of your word transforms you from a black magician into a white magician.

A white magician uses the word for creation, giving, sharing, and loving. By making this one agreement a habit, your whole life will be completely transformed.

When you transform your whole dream, magic just happens in your life. What you need comes to you easily because spirit moves freely through you. This is the mastery of intent, the mastery of the spirit, the mastery of love , the mastery of gratitude, and the mastery of life. This is the goal of the Toltec. This is the path to personal freedom.

- don Miguel Ruiz

This week has been a deep exploration of pattern interruptions and creative solutions. When our minds finish sentences & draw false conclusions, the ripple effects can create a staggeringly negative flow within our daily existence. If we give ourselves permission to find the courage to ask the questions, our needs are then being met – and we all know how good that feels…

Balance – check
Joy – check
Grace – check
Patience – check
Creativity – check
Fulfillment – Yes please…

Peace – davidji

This meditation is a part of the Surrender Then Soar Meditation Series and can be purchased Here!

Click image to listen to this meditation.

Click image to listen to this meditation.

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